Eisenrose Bread Knife

Eisenrose Bread Knife – German Steel

  • The Must-Have Bread Knife for Every Kitchen: Whether your bread is freshly homemade or from the bakery down the street, you need a serrated knife that cuts every slice clean and true. And doesn't your kitchen deserve a bread knife worthy of a spot alongside your best china? The Eisenrose 9 inch Bread Knife oozes both class and functionality. Whether your mother-in-law is on her way or the kids are just making some lunchtime sandwiches, your new Eisenrose Knife will never disappoint.

  • Design & Quality Inspired by Thousands of Years of Culinary Culture: There's not a loaf of bread our 9 inch blade can't slice. And there isn't a culture that values their knives more than an Asian one. After discovering the ‘city of knives’—Yangjiang, China, we decided to make it our mission to bring you the utmost quality carbon blended steel... the kind of quality that makes you proud just to hold it.

  • When Rosewood Meets Steel... it Only Gets Stronger: Especially with the way we've balanced this knife for you; the polished, natural rosewood handle sits in the palm of your hand in perfect ergonomic bliss. The beauty of this serrated bread knife is its durability, to slice cleanly and consistently. Our natural handle is expertly crafted from the finest real rosewood, ensuring that every piece is an exquisitely unique complement to your kitchen.

  • We Sourced the Best Materials on the Planet: Inspired by Asian culture and crafted from German steel; did you know that Germany makes the most durable, reliable and sharpest steel on the planet? To ensure your knife will be slicing for decades to come, it's also heated in a vacuum furnace and chilled in a cryogenic deep freeze, super hardening it. From mom to baker to pastry chef; this knife was made for you.

  • Our Promise Cuts Through All of Your Worries: Our 365 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty protects you. And you’ll feel relieved to know that we stand by all of our kitchen products; they've been tried, tested, and PROVEN to slice through the test of time. We are so confident you’ll love your new DaTerra 9 inch bread knife that we offer our 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Welcome to the family!

Eisenrose Bread Knife

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