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Roasting & Lasagna Pan

Ceramic Roasting Pan/Lasagna Pan

MADE IN ITALY GOURMET QUALITY: Professional-grade, ceramic-coated skillet ensures even heat distribution, reduced need for oil & scratch-resistant durability. Thick 2.5mm aluminum base heats quickly.

SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: We use only PTFE-free, cadmium-free, and lead-free coatings. No worries about harmful leaching from your cookware into your food. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable.

OVEN SAFE: Sear steaks, roasts, chicken, veggies & more on the stovetop then seamlessly transfer them to the oven for finishing like a pro.


1-YEAR WARRANTY: If you experience any difficulty with your pan, you can return it at any point within the first 365 days for your money back.


  • Size: 14 x 10.5-inches
  • Height: 2.7-inches
  • Volume: 5 quarts
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Length including both handles: 16-inches

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