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The Inspiration for a Whole New Adventure

While visiting Italy, one particular kitchen product really impressed us and set an idea in motion. We encountered Italian ceramic non-stick cookware that gave us the inspiration for an entirely new venture--designing a cookware line of our own.

The following years were spent designing and developing our first product, the DaTerra Cucina pans, for American kitchens--including our own. We aimed to preserve the gorgeous look of the Italian ceramic cookware but also create a sturdy pan that would hold up under daily use. Over the next two years, the Vesuvio line was born.

Since then, weโ€™ve been expanding our selection with more cookware highlights from around the globe. From our impressive wooden cooking and serving utensils that are hand-crafted in Tunisia with richly-grained Mediterranean olive wood to our Eisenrose knives made from German steel and finished with a beautiful natural rosewood handle, weโ€™re proud of our cookware, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

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